Virtual Assistants

I have looked into hiring a virtual assistant. I will likely do so in lieu of hiring an administrative assistant/legal secretary.  Depending on your practice, a virtual assistant could be a great solution for a solo attorney spending too much time on administrative matters but lacking the resources and/or space for a physically present administrative assistant/legal secretary.  A virtual assistant can do just about anything that does not require physical presence, e.g., answering phones, communicating with clients, preparing electronic documents for mailing.

The two biggest drawbacks I foresee are an inability to print and deliver hard copy documents to me and to scan documents I receive at my office. I am attempting to retain as many of my files as possible in digital format, so it is frequently necessary for me to scan and shred. I would love to be able to farm this out to an assistant, but mailing documents to be scanned seems tedious.

Former paralegal Dortha Hise ( offers virtual assistant services through her company on an independent contractor basis.