Speaking Appearances

  • Speaking Appearances: Opportunities and Goals public-speaking

    There are many ways that an attorney can market themselves and their firm.  Below, there are several resources on how to develop business, market your firm and sell your services.  However, one of the most effective ways to sell yourself is to allow people to know who you are and how you stand apart from …more

  • Diving Into Solo Practice: Advice from the Experts retro microphone and red curtain

    While at the first annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, Rose-Ellen Fairgrieve co-chair of BASF’s Solo & Small Firm section, sat down with Adriana Linares and other lawyers to discuss their own solo experiences, focusing on how they started and what it took to grow as a firm. Listen to the podcast by following the …more

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Get guidance on strategies and tips on business development for your solo or small law firm. All articles are by David King Keller.

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