Rules-Based Calendaring

One of the most expensive but necessary programs that a litigator may purchase is rules-based calendaring software.  The decision of which calendaring program to select is often driven by what integrates with the document management software that you choose, e.g., Time Matters integrates with LawToolBox and Practice Master integrates with CompuLaw.  Other providers include Westlaw, Lexis andAbacus.

However, rather than purchasing calendaring software or manually calculating dates, small firms also have the option to use an online calendaring service that charges a per case fee, such as has a basic pricing structure of $20/case/month for one to five cases or Preferred pricing of $15/case/month for six or more cases. LawToolBox offers two pricing options – a one-time per case fee and a monthly subscription rate.  There is also an additional monthly fee to synch dates from LawToolBox into Outlook or Time Matters which varies based on the number of users. The synching feature is included in the monthly rate on

Online calendaring providers suggest that per case charges can be passed on to clients.  Before doing this, you should consider how passing on such an expense will be received as few, if any larger firms would directly pass on the cost of purchasing calendaring software.