Online Resources

BASF’s Solo and Small Firm Resource Center

BASF has put together an online Solo and Small Firm Resource Center for attorneys
who need information, resources and tips vital to running a successful practice.

Membership is required to access.


There are so many good “blawgs,” many of which are addressed at issues other than case law development.  We recommend looking at lists of “Top Blawgs” and finding ones that suit your practice, then creating a news reader feed so you can check periodically and quickly on recent postings for ones relevant to your needs.

Small Law Firms Blog

Hot topics, events and more for solo and small firm attorneys.


A great resource for being on top of trends in law practice, but it has an entire page dedicated to “Starting a Law Firm” as well as one on “Practice Management.  Check the website regularly for tips and tricks from billing to formatting briefs.

My Shingle

Inspiring solo and small firm lawyers and those who want to be.

Solo and Small Firms

American Bar Association offers a large number of blogs and resources for attorneys
who are solo or employed in small law firms.


A great resource for using your iphone with the law practice.


Podcasts for a wide range of law practice management topics (no charge):


Solo and small firm attorneys face everyday challenges that their counterparts at big
and medium sized firms do not. With that in mind, BASF has addressed this important
and growing group by creating a listserv for solo practitioners and small firms.

Membership is required to access.