Office Space

Leased Office Space

  • Downtown Convenience downtown

    Downtown locations (San Francisco or other cities) offer walking-distance access to a host of services. From my building at Bush and Montgomery, I can walk in just a few minutes to a branch of any bank, to UPS, USPS, or Fedex/Kinkos, to Staples, shoe repair, dry cleaners, restaurants, bars, gyms, transit, etc. This is not …more

  • Office Leasing Reality Check: Tips for Negotiating Your Small Law Firm’s Lease in a Landlord’s Market office-2

    An office lease is a pivotal tool for small law firms to attract better clients and expand their practices. But it is also frequently the largest fixed capital expense and longest commitment of a small firm. Negotiating favorable lease terms is critical to ensure a lease contributes to, and does not hamper, a firm’s success. …more

Work from Home

  • Where to Meet? working

    For someone with dedicated space in their apartment or house (and who is not easily distracted), working from home could be an option.  However, rentable space should be available somewhere nearby (i.e., outside the home) to meet with clients.

Virtual Office

  • Pros and Cons of a Virtual Office city

    Pro: Less expensive Con: Less control over atmosphere and location I considered using a virtual office (and I still consider adding a virtual office in a second location), but after walking through many of them, I decided they weren’t going to be as available/accessible to many of my clients. I’m an immigration and bankruptcy lawyer, …more

Shared Space

  • Working in a Co-Working Setting coworking

    I began by renting workstation space in a shared office suite with a company called Intelligent Office. Their service is outstanding and includes live receptionist service with a personalized firm/company greeting, mailbox service, conference rooms and offices rentable by the hour, and a shared copy/printer/scanner. The workstation arrangement worked out fine for the first couple of months. …more

  • Sharing Resources office

    Getting a sublet to rent an office in a suite of lawyers and/or other professionals is an attractive option.  Such an arrangement can come quite bare-bones, or with a full range of amenities. Such arrangements commonly include a shared reception area, kitchen area and copier. Many also include a shared receptionist, and a conference room …more

  • Ethical Issues and Liability Risks of Shared Space solo-workspace

    A number of companies (such as ServCorp, Regus, and WeWork) offer options ranging from occasional access to co-working spaces to leases on private offices within shared suites, typically with several hours’ use of a conference room per month included and the ability to rent conferences rooms and private offices at an additional charge.  These company’s …more

  • Renting Meeting Space from BASF clients

    Looking for a place to hold a client meeting or mediation? BASF offers meeting space to accommodate large and small gatherings. Our meeting rooms can accommodate from two to 26 people and are available by the hour or day. Located in the heart of the financial district at 301 Battery Street, between Sacramento and Clay …more

  • The Space Bar at The Bar Association of San Francisco lounge-2

    The Space Bar is a converted conference room/quasi-office/lounge available to our Section members at BASF world headquarters.  It is quiet yet not monastic, and offers a printer, beverages, snacks, and occasional collegiality.

More Resources:

Some Considerations for Sharing Office Space
Via San Francisco Attorney magazine

In today’s rough and tumble times, a solution for the headaches related to expensive rents for office space can often be mitigated by sharing office space with another business. However, before you consent to signing your name on a lease agreement, there are several considerations that deserve your attention. Read more…