Human Resources

  • Podcast #105: How Small Firms Can Promote Diversity, with Heather Hackman oklqgsct8qs-matt-botsford

    Via In this episode, Dr. Heather Hackman helps us get a new perspective on diversity and the legal profession. She also explains why “doing diversity” doesn’t work, and what small firms actually need to do to increase diversity in the legal profession. This may be a challenging podcast for some, but it will reward those …more

  • How to Interview and Identify Administrative Help hiring

    Finding administrative help for a solo practice or small law firm can be challenging – below are some sample interview questions that can help you identify individuals that have administrative experience in a legal setting. A good place to post a local opening is the SFSU Paralegal job board. The listing is free.   …more

  • Forensic Specialists, Appraisers, and Expert Witnesses expert

    Forensic/Metadata specialist: Dean Vanech at Podo Legal. Lynell Phillips, Phillips Computer Forensics. Townsend Carden and Rose, Silicon Valley Digital Forensics. Forensic Accountant:Hemming Morse. I highly recommend Steven Boyles. Excellent witness, as well, if you end up needing it. Real Property Appraisers: Shields Advisory Services, Laura Shields, MAI.

  • Courier Services messenger

    Western Messenger. We have used Western Messenger for years.  They always come through for me (even in the old ‘rush to the courthouse for filing deadline’ days). Western Messenger Service is good and less expensive than most. They have delivered (and retrieved) boxes of documents in East Bay for me.

  • Contract or Virtual Administrative Assistance assistant

    ASAP Legal Services LLC – San Francisco-based (not to be confused with the process serving company of the same name).

  • Policies paperwork

    Sole practitioners should have a policy manual in place before hiring an independent contractor, employee or intern. It may be a good idea to reach out to a more senior attorney and ask to use his or her policy manual as an exemplar.  In his book How to Start and Build a Law Practice, Jay …more

  • Virtual Assistants virtual-assistant

    I have looked into hiring a virtual assistant. I will likely do so in lieu of hiring an administrative assistant/legal secretary.  Depending on your practice, a virtual assistant could be a great solution for a solo attorney spending too much time on administrative matters but lacking the resources and/or space for a physically present administrative …more

  • Contract Workers hiring

    When things get busy enough to require additional help with legal work, a sole practitioner may wish to hire a contract attorney rather than a full-time associate. This will give the sole practitioner a chance to get to know the contract attorney and become familiar with his or her work.  If a good fit, the …more

  • Employees working

    While I have not yet hired any employees, I believe a sole practitioner’s first hire should be an administrative assistant – whether traditional or virtual. With everything a sole practitioner needs to attend to – printing, scanning, mailing, and other administrative tasks – should be delegated to an administrative assistant. The more these tasks are …more

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