Ethical and Professional Responsibility

  • Ethics Resources and Hotlines telephone

    Ethics CLE Online from BASF: BASF Ethics Committee Hotline: call BASF front desk for a referral at 415-982-1600 California State Bar Ethics Hotline: 800-238-4427 or 415-538-2150

  • Podcast #105: How Small Firms Can Promote Diversity, with Heather Hackman oklqgsct8qs-matt-botsford

    Via In this episode, Dr. Heather Hackman helps us get a new perspective on diversity and the legal profession. She also explains why “doing diversity” doesn’t work, and what small firms actually need to do to increase diversity in the legal profession. This may be a challenging podcast for some, but it will reward those …more

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What Hat Am I Wearing? Practical and Ethical Issues for Attorneys Practicing Dual Occupations by Laura Drossman, published on Legal by the Bay
Keep Your Client in Mind, the Ethics Will Follow by Chris O’Connell, published on Legal by the Bay