• Building a Personal Brand bag-and-hands

    Success is built on and sustained by a confidence-inspiring personal brand. Personal branding has become a catch-all term, encompassing the attorney as a person and as a professional with practice area expertise.  Legal prowess, reflected in the professional brand, will get most lawyers only so far.  Focus as much attention on your brand as a person as …more

  • Resources to Explore Personal Branding Strategies photo-1452830978618-d6feae7d0ffa

    What is personal branding and why do attorneys need to brand? Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.  Personal branding is a form of self-marketing – promoting yourself as a complete package which includes not just your knowledge and expertise but your appearance, your clothing, and how you …more

  • Recommendations for Identity Collateral Design and Printing framing

    I worked with a fantastic local graphic designer, Eli Blair Media, to design my logo and create business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.  Eli Blair Media used for printing.

  • Union Printers and Local Printers print

    Wheeler-Sonoma Printers, Vallejo, California. Maciel Printing, aka SFGreenPrint and GreenPostcards. San Francisco, California.

More Resources:

“Branding Yourself Online: Tips for Spinning Your Story with Blogs And Other Social Media” by David King Keller
Via the American Bar Association Book Publishing Division

There has been an explosion of ways lawyers can use the Internet to build a personal brand. This article offers tips for spinning your story with blogs and other social media.