Renting Computers and Hardware

My friend who opened up his own law firm told me how surprised he was at how cheap it is to rent the computers and the equipment from certain computer equipment rental companies.  At the end of the lease, you have the option of buying the equipment that you have been leasing.


iPad Apps for Legal Research

There are at least a couple low cost or no cost apps that are available for legal research.  One that I have used that works well is Fastcase. The app is free and you can also sign up without being charged a fee.  But if you want to add more than the most basic features, there will be a charge.  A quick look at the Fastcase website shows $695 a year for one membership, and $995 for the most loaded membership. You can also pay by the month.


Quickbooks in the Cloud

A friend who just started his own practice definitely recommended QuickBooks, and suggested getting a subscription to the cloud- based software.  (If you’ve been using the desktop version of QuickBooks, your data can easily be exported to the cloud-based software.)

Prices for the cloud-based software range from about $10.00 per month to $40.00 per month, depending on the desired features and whether you pay for a year in advance or pay month-to-month, and QuickBooks can be easily accessed by any bookkeeper that a solo or small firm practitioner is working with. He says that this worked much better than simply going out and purchasing the software and copying it onto his computer.