Resources to Explore Personal Branding Strategies

What is personal branding and why do attorneys need to brand? Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.  Personal branding is a form of self-marketing – promoting yourself as a complete package which includes not just your knowledge and expertise but your appearance, your
clothing, and how you carry yourself.  By creating a brand around yourself, your name, and your career, you build a reputation that is attractive to others so that you can generate business and expand your network (and hopefully, your net worth!).

Today with the prolific use of the Internet and social media, a personal brand is an essential part of legal career success, and at the very least, of career survival.  As an attorney, your word is your reputation and your reputation is your brand. Attorneys sell their expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities, an intangible skill set known as “intellectual property.”  This makes the legal profession ideal for personal branding so attorneys can set themselves apart based on their strengths, skills, and personality.

To brand properly, a strategy is needed – one that considers the target audience, your career goals, and the appropriate platform(s) to reach your audience and promotes your brand consistently.  For now, to get you started, here are a few links for you to explore personal branding:

Lastly, Positive Counsel, a legal career consulting firm, helps attorneys build a personal brand that distinguishes you from the competition. Through the use the 360Reach
personal branding assessment (, Positive Counsel creates a branding strategy that capitalizes on your strengths unique abilities. To learn more about personal branding for attorney success, go