• Talk to Accountants finances

    Before you make an accounting decision, talk to some bookkeepers. I recommend using QuickBooks [from Intuit].  (If you work with a bookkeeper from the outset, you may not need to buy your own software.) Assuming everything goes well, you are going to want to be able to hand off the accounting for your business (as well …more

  • Quickbooks in the Cloud cloud

    A friend who just started his own practice definitely recommended QuickBooks, and suggested getting a subscription to the cloud- based software.  (If you’ve been using the desktop version of QuickBooks, your data can easily be exported to the cloud-based software.) Prices for the cloud-based software range from about $10.00 per month to $40.00 per month, depending …more

  • Quickbooks: Integration with Clio money

    QuickBooks is definitely the way to go. If you plan on using Clio as law practice management software, you may want to get the desktop version of QuickBooks. Clio appears to integrate better with the desktop version of QuickBooks than with the cloud-based, SaaS version.  (See also the section of this Toolkit on Technology for …more

  • Saving Time with Freshbooks saving

    We have used FreshBooks for all our timekeeping and invoicing for about two years. It is cloud based and allows our in-house contract-based timekeepers to enter time daily. Our contractors also use FreshBooks to invoice us, so everything is in one place. FreshBooks is a huge timesaver for us.

  • More on Quickbooks budget

    For accounting I used QuickBooks online and sync it with Clio, a client management software program. QuickBooks is great if you need to keep track of client expenses, and accountants/CPAs all know QuickBooks which is an advantage over lesser-known accounting software.   Note, however, that if you already have a bookkeeper or accountant/CPA, check with …more

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