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    A number of different lawyers cautioned me upon hearing I was hanging out my shingle saying, “Be sure you get paid. Many people want a lawyer; fewer want to pay for one.” Most solos/small firm lawyers (as well as big firm lawyers) have horror stories about getting stiffed on the bill, and I think writing off …more

  • Accepting Credit Cards with LawPay credit-card-1

    Consider accepting credit cards. The vast majority of my clients prefer to pay via credit card. LawPay is my credit card provider and I am very happy with them.  LawPay takes a percentage of each charge and also charges a flat monthly fee. LawPay permits clients to pay via credit card into either a trust account or …more

  • Accepting Credit Cards with Square credit-card-2

    Another good credit card processing company is Square, which does not charge a monthly fee and takes around 3 percent of each charge.  (The exact processing fee depends on how the transaction is processed, e.g., whether credit card is swiped or the number is manually entered.)  Square has a referral program that awards free processing …more

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Lawyers, like most business people, often have difficulty getting paid for the professional services they have rendered.

“Accepting Credit Cards” by Gary Dubrovsky
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